Cannabidiol or CBD is all the craze and you can find it in every state across the country.  This availability has really allowed people to get their CBD oil and hemp products very easily at your neighborhood apothecary, natural grocer and, of course, online.  Being able to get CBD more conveniently doesn’t make the decision on which brand to buy any easier. Here at TerraGold Plus we are asked all the time what makes your product different from the other brands.

TerraGold Plus offers CBD from hemp plants grown in Colorado!  CBD Hemp Oil, Boulder Co

2018 was a great year for hemp and CBD.  The 2018 farm bill opened the door for a lot of farmers to start converting their family farms into hemp fields.  This will increase the supply of hemp and CBD in the near future and we have seen the growth over the last 4 years in Colorado.  

Colorado has had a jump start on the country and has been perfecting their farming practices to grow some amazing and high potent CBD plants.  Nearly half of Colorado’s 66 million acres are farms and ranches, and Colorado agribusinesses contribute about $40 billion to Colorado’s economy.  According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado accounts for about a third of the country’s hemp production and about 31,000 acres of hemp and another 110 acres in greenhouses are registered with the state. Given that TerraGold Plus is a Colorado company, we work with a collection of small farmers to produce locally grown hemp into CBD oil in and around Boulder area of Colorado.

As a family-run business, we understand the need to continue to support our local farmers. We have watched these farms grow from a few acres initially to over thousands in a very short time. The collection of farms are all registered with the Department of Agriculture and use organic practices.  We additionally make sure all hemp is tested to meet our quality standards before it is formulated into a product. TerraGold Plus is licensed with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. In order to maintain this status all our product must come from registered and licensed growers.  We strongly believe that in order to offer great products we must start with a great farm and plant.


Here are a few benefits of buying CBD oil grown in Colorado from TerraGold Plus

  • Locally grown, sourced, and made in the Boulder area
  • TerraGold Plus ensures all product comes from registered farms and is lab tested
  • All of the products are 100% made from natural ingredients
  • Colorado is a pioneer in the hemp business and continues to innovate with new farming practices, cultivation, and processing

TerraGold Plus takes great pride in offering Colorado grown hemp-based products.  The collection of farmers, manufacturers, and distributors are carefully analyzed to ensure they fall within our strict professional guidelines.  As we continue to mature and grow as a business, it is very important that our practices are indicative of who we are as people. We strongly believe in supporting our local markets and ethically sourcing our raw materials to ensure we supply our customers with the best CBD product available.  The hemp industry continues to evolve and TerraGold Plus will continue to innovate in order to better serve our customers.

TerraGold Plus has a wide variety of