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Why Buy a Hemp-Based CBD Transdermal Patch in Boulder, CO

Have you tried a CBD transdermal patch yet? This product is a newer type of technology and a really simple, foolproof method of CBD delivery. The most ubiquitous types of CBD products are oil tinctures and topical creams. These can do a great job of delivering healing benefits. But you must figure out how to dose yourself with your tincture and how often you need to keep reapplying creams in order to keep yourself feeling good.

With CBD patches, you don’t have to worry about any of that guesswork! You can just apply a patch and allow the CBD to do its healing thing for up to 72 hours!

The 100% organically-grown industrial hemp that we use to formulate our CBD Transdermal Patches is grown right here in Colorado. We check and recheck our products to make sure that they’re the highest quality and safety for our customers.


Why Would You Want to Try a CBD Transdermal Patch?

One of the most common reasons that people choose to use CBD patches is to soothe pain. Whether it’s arthritis, chronic pain, or inflammation that’s caused by working out, CBD patches are a really great way to calm and soothe aches and pains.

A CBD ninja trick is to apply a patch before you do any strenuous activity that may make you feel stiff and sore. For a lot of our customers, that’s things like gardening, a long road trip, running or an intense workout. If you apply the patch first and then go do your activity, you may find that you bounce back faster and don’t feel as stiff and sore as you normally might!

However, if you don’t apply the patch before your pain flares up, it’s not too late! If you’re already in pain, you can use a patch to soothe and calm the ache. Just stick the patch on, relax and take care of yourself. You’ll find that you’ll feel better fast!


Best Practices for Applying the CBD Transdermal Patch

For best results, you’ll want to put the patch on a venous area of your body. Some of our customers like to use their patches on their wrists, top of their feet, or the inside of their arms. We like to recommend that you use your patch on your lower back. Studies have shown that your body can absorb more of the CBD when you place the patch on your back than anywhere else in your body.


You’ll want to clean the area where you’re going to apply the patch and then peel off the back and stick it right on. Then you’re good to go for up to 72 hours. Don’t worry about showering or swimming. You can live your life normally as you wear the patch. It will stay put until you peel it off.


If you’re ready to begin your plant-based journey to holistic healing and try our CBD patches, join our collective to get 10% off!! It’s time to live your best life with the support of CBD.