Why Choose CBD from Hemp?

Hemp is a versatile plant grown like any other plant, from Mother Earth, and has been grown for centuries and used in countless applications to aid and help relieve many ailments. You can use hemp to make paper, makeup, relief aids, and even food. While hemp seed smoothies are seriously delicious, the other aspects of hemp are what we love the most about this powerful plant. Hemp has added relief to so many who have used it daily. In addition to the countless benefits it’s also all natural.. Hemp-derived products have little to no side effects for most and can be used daily to aid in your wellness.

Hemp is made up of over 100 natural compounds known as cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid is packed with its own benefits. The results of each cannabinoid vary, so we decided to keep a lot of them in our products so you can reap all the juicy benefits of the hemp plant. Keeping the cannabinoids in a product is known as full-spectrum or cannabinoid-rich. It’s the most natural and effective way to use hemp. In addition to the cannabinoids, full spectrum hemp extract contains terpenes; fragrant oils found in pinecones, fruits, essential oils, and hemp. Terpenes not only produce a lovely fragrant smell, they also contribute to your mood — relaxing, energizing or grounding you throughout the day. Every product in our shop is designed to be Cannabinoid-Rich.

How CBD works with your
EndoCannibinoid System

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