what cbd is right forEveryone is telling you that CBD oil is amazing and you should try it.  That doesn’t make the decision on which product to buy any easier. What is CBD crystalline?  What is a tincture and how much should I take? How does a CBD patch work? These are all valid questions and we hope to clarify the confusion on what product to buy and the differences between the TerraGold Plus product line.

We need to start off by saying that everyone is different.  Differences can include your size and weight, your ethnicity, skin type, age, metabolism, etc…  And different people have varying levels of pain and diverse symptoms that they’re hoping to soothe with CBD.

Our intention with the TerraGold Plus product line is to allow customers to use the different products interchangeably. We offer — full spectrum oil tinctures, softgel pills, transdermal patches, topical body balms and CBD isolate (crystalline).  

Many of the customers in the TGP Collective like to layer these products and use them together depending on the symptoms they are experiencing and what’s going on in their lives.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures

The tinctures are for those people who want to control their dose and/or may need immediate relief.  The oil should be taken sublingually, meaning under your tongue. The oil then dissolves into the mucus glands and directly into the bloodstream.  

Taking the hemp oil this way avoids the digestive system and further breaking down the overall dosage of CBD. Which means that the tincture is the strongest, fastest way to get CBD into your system.

We offer 2 sizes of tinctures — 250 mg and 500 mg. The oil is dispensed from a dropper and you can determine what your dose is.  (For a more detailed understanding on our dosing guidelines please visit our Dosing Blog here)  

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Vegan Softgel

Vegan Softgel

The soft gels are an easy, foolproof way to get a consistent dose of CBD in your system. Most people take one pill in the morning and/or the evening. Many of our customers have noticed reduced inflammation and better sleep while taking our softgels.

Since you swallow these softgels, the CBD will be broken down in your digestive system and that means it will take a little longer to feel the effects. Most people notice about 45 minutes to an hour. So, softgels are not the best choice if you want relief right now. They are amazing for a steady dose of CBD to help you feel balanced and live your best life every day.

Our softgels offer 25mg of CBD per serving and are packed with the highest quality cannabinoids. These powerful capsules contain full spectrum hemp oil and MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) which is fractionated coconut oil. The soft gels are made from red seaweed, and are a smooth, easy-to-swallow vegan morsel of goodness.

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Transdermal Patch

transdermal patch

Patches are an easy way to try CBD for the first time. They’re also an effective and affordable way to absorb CBD. That’s probably why they create the most buzz of any TerraGold Plus products!

The TerraGold Plus patch is an delivers a steady dose of cannabinoids.  The latex-free patch releases an initial uptake of CBD into the bloodstream and will continuously supply relief as you move throughout your day. Since the CBD is absorbed through your skin, you don’t lose any CBD potency inside your digestive system.

We recommend the patch to those people looking for a hassle free way to have CBD, just apply and heal.  You can wear the patch during your normal daily routine including both bathing and physical activities.

Common times our customers like to use a patch is when they will be traveling and want to soothe aches and pains or anxiety. Or they’re about to dive into one of their favorite activities like gardening or running and they want to minimize any future inflammation. The patch is also a popular option for our customers who are currently in pain and want to soothe it.

The best places to apply the patch are on venous areas of your body like the inside of your wrist, the top of your foot or under your armpit. The patch delivers CBD for 3-4 days and when you’re done, you can easily remove it. Just peel and heal!

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Hemp Relief Body Balm

Aches and pains happen in life. And sometimes it feels right to apply some CBD right where it hurts.

TheTerraGold Plus Hemp Relief Body Balm is a proprietary blend of natural and organic ingredients designed to deliver high amounts of CBD in an easy-to-use delivery system. We designed this product with a hands-free applicator because CBD oil is rather sticky. The deodorant-style applicator for the balm makes it easy to use anytime you need some soothing.

And did we mention the other amazing ingredients in this balm? Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba, Beeswax, Peppermint Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus. This is naturally-derived plant medicine.

The body balm is a natural healing solution. It offers you anti-inflammatory pain relief while adding soothing and rejuvenating ingredients for your skin. We offer the balm in two sizes — 2 oz with 350 mg of CBD or ½ oz. with 80 mg of CBD.

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TerraGold Plus Crystalline

TerraGold Plus Crystalline

The TerraGold Plus Crystalline is a versatile way of making your day better. Sprinkle our cannabinoid-rich crystalline into your favorite smoothie, coffee, kombucha…everything! You can also let the crystalline dissolve under your tongue for an even faster effect. Or add it to your favorite lotion and smooth it onto your skin.

Our Crystalline is extracted from pure, full-spectrum hemp oil, creating a pure product for you to use any way that serves you best.  Crystalline is made from isolating only the CBD. In the concentration process, all the other cannabinoids are being removed and what is left is a white powder that contains 99% pure CBD.  You may hear the term crystalline or isolate. Both terms are correct and describe the same product. TerraGold Plus likes to use the word crystalline as it further describes how our CBD isolate looks.  Tiny crystals of CBD that help soothe, energize, and relieve your body. Similar to a natural crystal.

Our customers enjoy the versatility of the crystalline as it is easier to carry and can be taken at any time.  Each container holds 1000mg and is conveniently packaged with a small dosing spoon. The spoon has two sides in order for you to better control your dose. A tiny bit of crystalline goes a really long way!

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TerraGold Plus continues to offer products to our customers that are easy to consume and that can work hand in hand with each other.  Any of the products can be taken together and each serves its own unique purpose. They are all super high quality and can provide easy healing to help you live your best life. You can’t go wrong.  

If you’ve read this post and are starting to think that you’d like to try a few of these products, then you’re in luck!

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