what cbd is right forEveryone is telling you that CBD oil is amazing and you should try it.  That doesn’t make the decision on which product to buy any easier. What is CBD crystalline?  What is a tincture and how much should I take? How does a CBD patch work? These are all valid questions and we hope to clarify the confusion on what product to buy and the differences between the TerraGold Plus product line.

We need to start off by saying that everyone is different.  Differences can include your size and weight, your ethnicity, skin type, age, metabolism, etc…  And different people have varying levels of pain and diverse symptoms that they’re hoping to soothe with CBD.

Our intention with the TerraGold Plus product line is to allow customers to use the different products interchangeably. We offer — full spectrum oil tinctures, softgel pills, transdermal patches, topical body balms and CBD isolate (crystalline).  

Many of the customers in the TGP Collective like to layer these products and use them together depending on the symptoms they are experiencing and what’s going on in their lives.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oil Tinctures

The tinctures are for those people who want to control their dose and/or may need immediate relief.  The oil should be taken sublingually, meaning under your tongue. The oil then dissolves into the mucus glands and directly into the bloodstream.  

Taking the hemp oil this way avoids the digestive system and further breaking down the overall dosage of CBD. Which means that the tincture is the strongest, fastest way to get CBD into your system.

We offer 2 sizes of tinctures — 250 mg and 500 mg. The oil is dispensed from a dropper and you can determine what your dose is.  (For a more detailed understanding on our dosing guidelines please visit our Dosing Blog here)  

Try our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture  


Vegan Softgel