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Where to Get CBD Body Balm in Chicago, IL

CBD is a chemical compound called a cannabinoid that’s found in the hemp plant. It offers many health and healing benefits including pain relief. As of the writing of this article, hemp-based CBD products are legal to purchase and own in all 50 states.

At TerraGold Plus, we offer many different products that are all made from hemp-based CBD. We have Oil Drops Tincture, Soft Gels, Body Balm, Crystalline and more.


What is CBD Body Balm?

Body Balm is a topical cream that you can apply right where it hurts. If you have a physical ache or pain like a sore lower back or a bum knee, then our Body Balm can give you some relief.


If you’ve used products like Tiger Balm, Ben Gay or Icy Hot and felt your pain improve, then you will love CBD Body Balm. The most common complaint about the above-mentioned products is that they have a strong, funky smell. 


At TerraGold Plus, we wanted you to have a pleasant experience using our products so we decided to change that! Our Body Balm contains CBD and also some lovely essential oils that give it a smooth feeling and pleasant scent.


How to Use Hemp-Based CBD Body Balm

Our CBD Body Balm comes in a tube that works a lot like deodorant or chapstick. Just turn the dial at the bottom to expose the balm. Then, apply to the affected area and relax while the CBD does its work. You can reapply after a few hours as needed.


What Our Customers Say about CBD Body Balm

“I discovered TerraGold Plus a few months ago and love the products. I use the Hemp Relief Body Balm whenever I’ve got aching body parts and it’s amazing!! No strong smell at all so it’s great for neck and back application. It seems like within minutes the pain is minimized or gone! Thank You!!!” – Justin B.

“As a Triathlete I was dealing with a lot of aches & pains, so I ordered a few of the CBD 25mg Transdermal patches. I was a bit skeptical since I’ve tried quite a few other types of patches, creams, etc…. Within the first day I started feeling relief which continued for the next day or two when the patch was on. I really believe it helped the inflammation subside & took the edge off of the pain. Since that time I have ordered the Hemp Relief Body Balm 2 oz 350mg & I love both the pain relief & smell of the balm. Using both of these products has really made a huge difference for both acute pain & nagging back pain. The 500mg CBD oil drops have been great for helping me sleep through the night. Great products!!!!” – Erik E.


If you’re ready to begin your plant-based journey to holistic healing and try our CBD Body Balm, join our collective to get 10% off!! It’s time to live your best life with the support of CBD.