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Where to Buy a CBD Transdermal Patch in Chicago, IL?

Even though the state of Illinois hasn’t legalized recreational marijuana yet, if you live in Chicago you can still use hemp-based CBD products legally! The hemp plant is different than the marijuana plant in that products made from hemp don’t contain any THC, which is the chemical compound that gives you a “high” feeling.

So, CBD products are currently legal in all 50 states because there is no psychoactive effect. There are plenty of other wonderful benefits to CBD like reducing anxiety, better sleep, reduced inflammation and pain management. And you can experience all of these great results and more when you try a CBD transdermal patch.



Why Hemp-Based CBD Transdermal Patches Are Amazing?

If you’ve tried CBD before, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced either an oil drop tincture, a topical cream or gummies. These are all great ways to use CBD. However, transdermal patches have their own set of benefits and uses that can really take your healing up a notch.

We hear from a lot of our customers that they love to use our CBD patches to help with pain and inflammation. The great thing about patches is that once you stick one on, it will deliver CBD healing to your whole system for up to 3 days.

Here at TerraGold Plus, we get so many questions about CBD dosing. And, especially if you’re using CBD oil drops, it can take a little time and experimentation to find the best dose to give you optimum healing results. However, when you use a patch, you can rest assured that you’re feeling all the benefits of CBD and you can just relax and focus on healing. The patch will automatically deliver the right amount of CBD into your system and you don’t have to worry about using any other products or dosing yourself the proper amount.

So, you might be wondering — where do I stick this thing? And you have options! It’s best to put your patch in an area of your body where there are lots of veins. That can be your wrist or the top of your foot. It’s totally up to you! However, we’d like to recommend that you place the patch on the small of your back. Yes, right where a “tramp stamp” tattoo would go! Studies have shown that this area absorbs twice as much CBD than if you put the patch on the inside of your forearm.

Once you apply the patch, it will stay in place until you remove it. You don’t have to worry about it falling off while you are bathing, swimming or showering. Just stick it on, leave it for 3 days and enjoy feeling better and better!


Here are the top reasons why TerraGold Plus is a leading provider of CBD patches:

  • Our patches don’t contain latex or any other chemical or compound that will irritate or inflame your skin.
  • We are a family-owned company with the vision to deliver natural healing options without any potentially damaging side effects.
  • We really care about safety and quality. Before releasing any new products, we thoroughly test everything. We use all-natural ingredients including 100% organically-grown industrial hemp and we’re certain that our CBD products are among the most consistent and highest quality on the market today.


If you’re ready to begin your plant-based journey to holistic healing and try our CBD patches,