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What’s New in CBD Technology?

The CBD industry is progressing rapidly. The science and innovation on farming practices, extraction, isolating cannabinoids, and products are being enhanced almost on a daily basis. The CBD market is packed full of oil drop tinctures, gummies, and topicals.  Real innovation is what will drive this industry forward and provide legitimacy. This CBD industry is leading in job creation and the advancement of medical practitioners to use CBD and other plant-based medicines as an additional tool to combat anxiety, pain, inflammation, and other major illnesses.  


One product that continues to garner attention on its effectiveness is the Transdermal CBD Patch.  Patch technology has been around for many years as people who suffer from motion sickness, nausea or want to quit smoking. The patch technology continues to evolve from a pharmaceutical setting to an alternative holistic tool. This is to help people cope with debilitating issues like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and more.




A CBD patch is just like any other transdermal patch.  It is a thin layer of adhesive, just like a Band-Aid. TerraGold Plus uses a technology where the patch is combined with the benefits of Cannabidiol with a proprietary blend of adhesive in order for the patch to release a steady dose of CBD while not irritating the skin.  


The TerraGold Plus CBD patch has gone through many rounds of research and development in order for it to be effective for our customers.  We wanted to create a patch that could last a long time, be easy to remove, and most importantly deliver as much CBD as possible. The TerraGold Pus CBD patch really works.  People have been skeptical on how well the patch works compared to the oil drop tinctures. The tinctures is what they know and what most of the buzz in the industry is about.  However, the CBD patch has really shown its ability to effectively help people who suffer from pain and inflammation.


Why is the CBD patch so effective?


The CBD patch delivers 25mg of CBD for up to 72 hours.  The surface area of the patch allows it to release CBD into the bloodstream at a steady rate.  Your body absorbs the CBD and your own endocannabinoid system goes to work.  The key for CBD or any cannabinoid to work is that the CBD molecule binds itself to the cell receptors in your body.  This molecular bond of your ECS’ CB1 and CB2 receptors with the CBD provides support to your central nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and brain.  Having CBD continuously flowing into your bloodstream allows your body to recover faster and reduce inflammation.


The patch is latex free and easy to remove. And you can shower, swim or bathe while wearing it and it won’t fall off! The innovative patch is perfect for just about everyone.  People who suffer from back pain have found the patch to be very helpful in recovering from acute pain, while it also has been useful for people looking to avoid stiffness if they are working in the yard or going on long road or plane trips.  


The CBD patch has also become a useful tool for athletes.  Everyone is looking to gain that edge. Whether you are training for a competition or attending a favorite yoga class, you are trying to perform the best you can. The patch offers anti-inflammatory benefits so you can recover sooner with a noninvasive method.  


The CBD industry will continue to evolve and mature and TerraGold Plus