What Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Mean?

In the rapidly growing world of holistic healing, all too often catchy buzzwords are thrown into product descriptions and labels to catch the eye of the consumer. These words frequently go unlooked and unquestioned. Words like “organic” and “natural” are thrown around without any real basis to these claims. Large corporations are monopolizing on the growing natural living trend and misleading their consumers to make a sale. Have you ever looked at a label and seen a word that you didn’t understand? Shampoos with ceramide, beauty products with collagen, do we really know what these mean for you and your health? TerraGold Plus is based on transparency. We want our consumers to feel comfortable using our products and would like to provide whatever resources necessary to educate you on the science behind the product. Like many people interested in holistic healing, we’ve spent hours and hours online researching various treatments, herbal cures, and natural remedies. We care what goes into our bodies. It’s what led us on the path to natural healing and likely why you’re reading this blog today!