What Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Mean?

In the rapidly growing world of holistic healing, all too often catchy buzzwords are thrown into product descriptions and labels to catch the eye of the consumer. These words frequently go unlooked and unquestioned. Words like “organic” and “natural” are thrown around without any real basis to these claims. Large corporations are monopolizing on the growing natural living trend and misleading their consumers to make a sale. Have you ever looked at a label and seen a word that you didn’t understand? Shampoos with ceramide, beauty products with collagen, do we really know what these mean for you and your health? TerraGold Plus is based on transparency. We want our consumers to feel comfortable using our products and would like to provide whatever resources necessary to educate you on the science behind the product. Like many people interested in holistic healing, we’ve spent hours and hours online researching various treatments, herbal cures, and natural remedies. We care what goes into our bodies. It’s what led us on the path to natural healing and likely why you’re reading this blog today!

We started TerraGold Plus with the hopes of creating truly beneficial and all-natural products (check out the ingredients on our labels) for our friends and family to use. We quickly realized we’re not the only ones who value consciously made products and decided to share our remedies with you so that you can enjoy the benefits of truly holistic healing. One word you’ll see on every TerraGold Plus product label is “full-spectrum hemp oil” or “Cannabinoid-Rich” hemp extract. It’s one of those words you’ll always see on our products because it’s something we truly believe in and stand behind. Let’s dive into what this means so you can have confidence in your path of natural healing.

How is hemp used in our products?

While vigorously researching natural solutions to create our products with, we came across hemp. It’s a plant that has been around for decades but has gained recent popularity. Being a plant that grows straight from the ground, hemp is as natural as you can get! Part of what makes hemp so beneficial is cannabinoids, tiny pods of goodness. One cannabinoid you may have heard of is CBD. CBD can help with aiding pain relief, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and a wide host of other properties. More importantly – CBD is non-psychoactive. Unlike THC, CBD will not make you feel “high.” CBD can be used by so many different people and is even being used for pets. That’s why this cannabinoid is often featured in so many hemp-based products. While it certainly has some impressive benefits, the other 100+ cannabinoids have their own set of unique advantages too!

What Does Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Mean?

The Entourage Effect

You may think removing the remaining cannabinoids and jam-packing a product with CBD would be the most effective way to consume hemp, but it actually has the opposite effect. In the late 1960s Israeli researcher, Raphael Mechoulam, known for his break-through innovations, made an interesting discovery. When an individual cannabinoid is isolated on its own, it loses a percentage of its potency. He coined this finding the “entourage effect,” because he noticed the cannabinoids are much more powerful and efficient when they are all together. Each cannabinoid wants to be surrounded by their entourage of cannabinoid friends! To differentiate between CBD-isolates and all-cannabinoid products, the words “full spectrum” “Cannabinoid-Rich” and “whole plant” are used. Full spectrum and whole plant mean the same thing – they contain all the natural cannabinoids from the hemp plant. Full spectrum hemp oil is the most effective and holistic form of using cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts. When you use full-spectrum hemp oil, you’re gaining all the benefits from all the cannabinoids in the most effective method possible.

Does that mean CBD only products are ineffective?

While full spectrum hemp is highly effective, that doesn’t mean that CBD-only products are completely useless. Some products like CBD oil and tinctures may be missing out on the benefits of the other cannabinoids. However, a CBD isolate or crystalline is so highly concentrated, the benefits remain. The problem with CBD- only oil and other blended products is when you mix the already less powerful CBD into the oil and other ingredients; it becomes incredibly diluted. CBD crystalline is 100% CBD, there is no dilution taking place, so the isolated cannabinoid remains effective. Full spectrum oil remains effective because the cannabinoids use the entourage effect to provide the benefits of over 100 cannabinoids combined.

What about THC?

THC is the one cannabinoid that’s not invited to our party. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for mind-altering high most people associate with smoking the herb. Hemp that contains more than 0.03% THC is commonly referred to as cannabis. TerraGold Plus does not use cannabis; we use hemp. That means the plants we extract the cannabinoids from are natural