Cannabidiol or CBD has been covered a lot in the past year.  The benefits of CBD oil and other products have shown great results in helping people relieve a variety of ailments.  There will continue to be more discoveries and findings that show the efficacy of this great gift from mother nature.


Scientists are continuously innovating new ways to deliver the product and show their studies while personal use and anecdotal stories continue to be shared. And there are still so many commonly asked questions: What is CBD?  Or Does CBD really work? In this post, we want to take a deeper dive into the common misconceptions or myths surrounding this magical ingredient.


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Top 3 Myths About CBD Oil

CBD science is constantly getting better.  With the advancement in the technology and our understanding of how the body reacts to using cannabinoids there remains some paradox and opposing views to how best to dose yourself and what CBD does to your endocannabinoid system.  There are some common questions that constantly blow up our inbox at TerraGoldPlus that are based on confusion and misconceptions. The myths we will be tackling are:

  • Is CBD psychoactive?
  • I don’t have any injuries or illnesses and therefore do not need CBD
  • Is CBD from hemp better than CBD from cannabis?


Let’s start at the first myth.


Fact or Myth?

Answer:  MYTH


You may see CBD companies saying CBD is NOT psychoactive.  What they are really saying is that CBD will not get you high.  CBD does not alter your mind and should be considered non-intoxicating. It won’t impair your ability to function at a normal rate.  However, although CBD products are non-impairing, they do affect your overall psyche.


CBD has been shown to help relieve symptoms caused by anxiety, stress, and neurological disorders.  CBD is being used to help treat anxiety in both humans and pets daily.  The goal of using CBD in this way is to alter your mood or help the neurotransmitters release dopamine to the brain. This process can be considered psychoactive in itself.


Most people understand that CBD differs from its THC sibling, and that THC is the cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant that alters your consciousness and makes you feel “high”.  CBD does not contain the same properties as THC and therefore does not affect you the same way. But it is incorrect to say that CBD does not affect your mental state. CBD does alter your mental function by relieving stressors and balancing your system. But it won’t make you feel high or impair any ability to function throughout your day.


Myth #2: I don’t have any injuries or illnesses and therefore do not need CBD

True or False?

Answer:  False


Even if you aren’t currently suffering from injury or illness, CBD can still be really beneficial.  The real understanding is how much you may need. We continue to learn more about how much CBD you should take.  Understanding the dosing guidelines is key to better using CBD.  


People suffering from acute issues or illnesses may benefit from using higher doses of CBD throughout the day.  Other studies have shown that using low doses for anxiety is a better way to manage those stressors in your life.  The same can be said for people who do not suffer from anything.


We strongly believe that you should not start to eat healthy after you have gained too much weight or shouldn’t start with supplements or vitamins after you get sick.  T