At the time of publication, marijuana is not legal for medical or recreational use in the state of Tennessee. The only exception to this rule is in the case of seizure patients. Some activists and lawmakers are working to change the marijuana laws in Tennessee, but in the meantime, you can still legally use hemp-based CBD products if you live in Nashville!


Hemp plants are different than marijana plants. And products that are made from hemp are now legal in the United States, since the latest Farm Bill passed in 2018. So, if you’ve been wanting to try CBD to see if it can help you with pain and inflammation, then you’re now free to do so legally!


image title of blog "The Best Hemp-Based CBD Transdermal Patch Provider in Nashville, TN"

The Best Hemp-Based CBD Transdermal Patch Provider in Nashville, TN

What is a CBD Transdermal Patch?


CBD Patches are one of the newest types of CBD technology. They function a lot like a bandaid. You just peel off the back of the patch and stick it onto your skin. The CBD absorbs through your skin and into your bloodstream to give you calming relief for up to 72 hours. When CBD goes into your body through the skin like this, you get the highest amount of CBD healing into your body. Whereas if you take CBD orally, you will lose some of the benefit in the digestion process inside your gut.


The best place to apply a CBD patch is on a venous area of your body. This can be on top of your feet, the inside of your wrist or under your arm. The low back area is also a very popular and effective place to use a patch.


Why Choose a CBD Transdermal Patch

The most popular use for CBD Patches is to control and manage pain and inflammation. Our customers love our Patch because it’s really easy to use. Products like soft gels, tinctures and topicals can be highly beneficial as well. However, these products require a little more knowledge and a more focused dosing schedule.


One of the things our customers love about our CBD Patch is that they don’t have to worry about setting alarms to stick to a dosing schedule. They just apply the patch and they’re good to go for up to 3 days! A lot of times, CBD Patch users feel a lot better after 72 hours is up, but if they’d like to keep the good times going, they can reapply another patch as often as they’d like.


Here are the top reasons why TerraGold Plus is a leading provider of CBD Transdermal Patches:

  • Safety and quality are really important to us. We don’t release any new products without thoroughly testing them to make sure that they consistently deliver the best CBD experience.
  • Our CBD Transdermal Patches are free from latex and other chemical compounds that may irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.
  • We’re a family-owned company with the mission to provide plant-based comfort and healing without the potentially damaging side effects of prescription drugs.


If you’re ready to try our CBD Transdermal Patches,