The TerraGold Plus Crystalline is a versatile way of making your day better. Combine our deep Cannabinoid rich crystalline with your favorite foods, smoothies, dressings or just directly under your tongue for all day relief!  Our Crystalline is extracted from pure, full-spectrum hemp oil, creating a 98+% pure product. Use sparingly! This container holds 1000 mg. A tiny little bit goes a real long way here!

Use and storage: Included is a double sided dosing spoon.  The spoon offers two dosing options.  

Smaller size is equal to 2mg at a level fill and up to 6 mg at heaping.  Larger size is equal to 12mg at a level fill and up to 25mg at heaping.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Not water soluble.

Ingredients:  Cannabinoids from aerial hemp parts

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