CBD oil productsYou’ve heard about all the wonderful benefits of CBD oil and you’d like to try some. Great!  Now, which one to buy and from whom?


There are a lot of choices out there when trying to make a decision of which oil is best for you.  The good news is that the technology on extracting hemp continues to get more sophisticated. The ability to concentrate this great plant into an oil packed full of cannabinoid-rich goodness continues to evolve and standards keep rising to meet the expectations and demand from consumers of CBD products.


Recently a question was posed to us and made us think about how different extraction methods may result in a positive potency test or Certificate of Analysis.  This certificate may show an ample amount of CBD in the oil, but what else is left in the oil? TerraGold Plus continues to discuss and educate on what full spectrum hemp oil is, but we wanted to go deeper and discuss the extraction process a bit little more.  


The question that was posed to us was whether our oil is “winterized”. The short answer is no, we do not winterize. Winterization is usually done by mixing the extract with ethanol and freezing the mixture.  This is done to help with filtering out the waxes and lipids. Then, the oil needs to have the ethanol removed. The problem is that some of the lower boiling point terpenes will also be removed with the ethanol recovery step. And those terpenes have valuable health benefits that we want our customers to enjoy!


TerraGold Plus uses an extraction method to target what we want to extract from the plant while not destroying the fragile components. The other part of the extraction process is to avoid concentrating parts of the plant we don’t want. Therefore, right out of extraction we have very light-colored CBD oil, high in cannabinoid content, high in the volatile terpenes and flavonoids and low in wax content.


This extract needs no post-processing (no winterization, no distillation) that would negatively take away the valuable full spectrum components (terpenes, flavonoids, minor cannabinoids) of the extract. There’s a huge difference in the taste, clarity, and color of the oil (and usually the effectiveness} when it’s extracted in a way that preserves the full spectrum components that mother nature did such an amazing job of producing.


We at TerraGold Plus want to stay as close to the plant as possible and root ourselves to the earth and soil. The extraction and concentration process of converting hemp plants into a refined CBD oil that can be consumed by both people and their pets is a delicate process and takes great care.  Whether you prefer to use CBD topically in balms or creams or whether you feel tinctures or softgels work best for you it is important to understand how the CBD oil you are consuming is made. It is ok to ask questions of your manufacturer and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our full spectrum CBD oil with you.

Is all CBD oil the same?

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