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How to Treat Insomnia with CBD:

      1. What is Insomnia?
      2. Types of Insomnia
      3. Treatments for Insomnia
      4. How Modern Medicine Deals with Insomnia
      5. The Endocannabinoid Systems Impact On Insomnia
      6. 5 Cannabinoids Becoming Increasingly Important For Insomnia
      7. The Importance Of Correct and Precise Dosage
      8. Best CBD Products to Treat Insomnia
      9. Additional Resources You May Find Useful
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I want to save you time, money, and energy by sharing with you the scientific evidence as well as my own personal experience.

What Is Insomnia?

Of course, you know what insomnia is for you.

Modern medicine defines insomnia as difficulty falling and staying asleep.

Your Ultimate Guide On How to Treat Insomnia With CBD

However, there are also numerous secondary symptoms of insomnia that have a far-reaching negative impact on our health and are common with this condition, including:

  • Lack of energy, fatigue, daytime tiredness
  • Irritability, depression
  • Lack of care, compassion or empathy
  • Accident-prone, risky behavior
  • Diarrhea, nausea, headache
  • Lowered immunity, increased risk of inflammation

Its effects are different for each of us.

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Types of Insomnia

You should know there are actually two types of insomnia that people suffer from:

1. Primary insomnia (can be acute or chronic)

This is when insomnia is the sole problem.

It’s usually temporary, short-term, and self-correcting and caused by things such as jet lag, new working hours, or stress.

2. Secondary insomnia (can be acute or chronic)

Secondary insomnia is a symptom or side effect of another problem.

This type of insomnia often is a symptom of emotional, neurological, or other medical or sleep disorders.

Your Ultimate Guide On How to Treat Insomnia With CBD

Emotional disorders that can cause insomnia include depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

CBD is a proven therapeutic treatment to mitigate numerous underlying causes of secondary insomnia.

It doesn’t just aid you in catching a good night’s sleep, it can also reduce the ill effects of inflammation, oxidative stress, neuropathies, or chronic negative affects (more on this later).

Did you know? 

  • In the USA alone a 1/3 of ALL adults suffer from insomnia at some point in their life.
  • Women suffer twice the rate as men.

  • 1/2 of all seniors over 60 also suffer.

Stress and chronic stress have become almost synonymous with the condition.

Let’s face it we’ve all been there, lying in bed at night, experiencing the ever-looping thoughts in our mind just wishing we could just switch off.

There is a better way…

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Treatments for Insomnia

As this is such a common problem, there are, of course, different treatments out there for you to explore.

Modern Medicine to Treat Insomnia

First, let’s take a look at how modern medicine addresses the condition.

General orthodox medicine will take a look at your medical history, and do some diagnostic tests to see if they can determine an underlying condition, and choose a treatment accordingly.

However, in most cases of primary insomnia, they won’t find anything.

Doctors rarely have time to sit and tal