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How to Use CBD patches for Pain

Chronic pain sufferers understand how limiting their daily lives can be when everything they do is adjusted or halted by pain. But what is chronic pain? Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks.  12 weeks is a long time to suffer with pain. If anyone has experienced any type of pain they can attest that 1 day is long enough. Chronic pain can lead to depression which affects jobs, relationships, and overall health.  People who suffer from this type of pain are always seeking solutions to help relieve their pain.


The solutions for treating chronic pain have historically been medications either topically or orally. The oral variety are usually opioids including steroids or pain relievers.  All these drugs do is mask the pain, but do not cure it. You may try other alternative options like chiropractors, acupuncture, and anything to give you some relief. The pain lingers and sometimes gets worse.  Lower back pain is a prime example of people who suffer from chronic pain. The pain doesn’t allow you to do the daily activities like playing with your kids, walk the dog, or really do anything without discomfort.


In recent years CBD has received recognition for being able to treat chronic pain. CBD has been considered both a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.  Studies continue to show how CBD may offer relief to people in lieu of prescription drugs. There are many benefits of using CBD for relief with anxiety, depression, sleep, and of course pain and inflammation.  But the main question still remains to new users of CBD for pain. How do I use CBD for pain.


Before we dive into how best to use CBD for pain we first must refresh on what CBD does for your body.  Your body contains an endocannabinoid system. We refer to it as an ECS. This function in your body helps manage your nervous and digestive system and your brain.  The ECS is made up of many cell receptors including CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are critical in working with cannabinoids like CBD and THC.  The receptors bind themselves with CBD to awaken them and help you control pain while increasing your ability to heal from inflammation or the root cause of your pain.  Please see the below image to see how the ECS interacts within the body.

For full body relief from pain it is important to use products that can enter the bloodstream and not just relieve the surface area as would some topical creams.  By using products that enter the bloodstream you can help relieve the pain associated with your issue, but also potentially reduce the inflammation. A lot of prescription medicines dull or numb the sensation so you don’t feel the pain any longer, but it does not reduce inflammation or treat the symptoms.


So, how do you use a CBD product that can enter the bloodstream and help the entire body?  CBD patches are not just for people who don’t want to take products orally. Another misconception about patches is that it isn’t just for athletes or for people who are in acute or chronic pain.  The patch is for anyone!


Athletes can use the patch to reduce inflammation before a long workout or race. You can use the patch before you do anything that may cause inflammation. And let’s face it all exercise causes inflammation.  It is just how well your body is in shape to handle the stress loads. But let’s get back to using patches for pain.


People who are suffering from pain are usually looking for a quick fix when you are in your most severe discomfort.  While the patch is not a quick fix, it can decrease the time it takes to heal. For example, for those who suffer from back pain, there are those times in which your back may spasm or “go out”.  The time it takes for you to recover and get back to your normal may span 3-7 days. The patch may reduce that time to recover. But these are the times when you are already flared. Like most supplements it is wise to not wait until you are sick, but take daily supplements to increase your immune system so you can avoid sickness.  The same can be said for inflammation.


CBD is best used on a daily basis so having a variety of products at your disposal is key to optimal health.  While the other products can be taken as needed the patch simply can be put on and left for up to 3 days.


Not all patches are equal and nor do they deliver a full amount over that time.  The TerraGold Plus patch offers 25mg over a 3 day span. The film on the patch releases CBD in small increments over that time.  You will receive microdosing over a long period of time to constantly allow your body to absorb the medicine and thus reduce inflammation and your pain level.  IT IS CRITICAL YOU LEAVE THE PATCH ON AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Some people will remove the patch early and not receive the full extent that it will offer. Don’t worry. You can bathe, swim, or sweat and it won’t come off until you are ready.


For best results it is recommended to put the patch on a clean dry surface of your body that’s near a vein. The lower back is a great place or on any other veinois area of the body.  Simply peel the protective layer and place on the skin. Hold the patch there to create a good seal and that is it. Go on with your day knowing you are receiving CBD.


The patch is ideal for anyone going on long car or plane rides, working outside, or simply to reduce chronic pain.  Chronic pain sufferers know that it is so hard to do anything when you are in pain and our goal at TerraGold Plus is to try and offer help and solutions to anyone. If you’re ready to try a CBD Patch to soothe your pain, join our collective and get 10% off your order!

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How to Use CBD patches for Pain

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