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How to Buy a CBD Patch in Atlanta, GA

Hemp-based CBD products are now legal in all 50 states! So, whether or not your state has legalized marijuana, you’re allowed to purchase and use CBD products that are made from the hemp plant. If you’ve heard about the great benefits of CBD and have been wondering if you’ll have any problems buying it, then you can relax! It’s legal and available anywhere in the United States through TerraGold Plus.


Why CBD Transdermal Patches Are Awesome

CBD Transdermal Patches take the guesswork out of using CBD. With other products like the CBD Oil Drops Tincture or the CBD Crystalline, you need to learn about micro-dosing and stick to a regular schedule in order to feel the benefits.

When you use a CBD patch, all you have to do is apply and heal! Just peel off the back and the latex-free patch will stick to your skin and provide all the benefits of CBD for up to 72 hours. Don’t worry, it won’t budge while you swim or shower. When you’re done with the patch, just peel it off and toss it. Easy peasy!

With a CBD Transdermal Patch, you can simply focus on healing, resting and feeling better. And you can even apply a patch before you have any pain! If you know that you’re going to be doing an activity that may cause pain and inflammation, you can use a patch before you start. We hear from lots of our customers that they have a much faster recovery time and feel way less pain when they use the patch preemptively like this.


How Our Customers Use CBD Transdermal Patches

At TerraGold Plus, we regularly hear from customers who use our CBD Transdermal Patches for pain relief. Here’s a Google review from a member of our Phamily:

“Terra Gold Plus has become my most favorite CBD line on the market, hands down. It’s a staple in our household. My husband is a landscaper and has noticed much less soreness and pain using the Terra Gold patch and the soft gels. We can’t wait to try the new body balm, too. I can’t recommend these products enough!” – Sarah Love

As you can see, a lot of customers like to use a CBD Transdermal Patch along with other types of CBD products like the Oil Drops Tincture, Soft Gels and/or Body Balm. The Patch is super powerful all by itself, but when you’re having an extra rough day, you may feel even more relief if you try layering the patch with other CBD products.


Benefits of CBD Transdermal Patches

Everyone has a different experience when it comes to using CBD. However, we’ve heard from so many of our customers who have had great positive results using our CBD Transdermal Patches. Here are some common benefits that we hear about from our Phamily:

  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Aids with injury recovery
  • Simple to use and provides a steady dose of CBD for up to 72 hours
  • Can help avoid painful flare ups caused by strenuous activity like gardening, running or working out

If you’re ready to begin your plant-based journey to holistic healing and try our CBD patches, join our collective to get 10% off!! It’s time to live your best life with the support of CBD.