Boulder, Colorado is a city of people that like to get outside.  Boulder is a community of active cyclists, hikers, skiers, runners, and triathletes.  It seems that wherever you turn people are training for a competition or just to stay in shape. And the only thing people in Boulder love more than being active is their pets! It seems that you have to own a dog if you truly want to fit in in Boulder. Taking your dog with you wherever you go is very common.  Let’s face it, your pet is a part of your family and you would do anything to keep them healthy.

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Can I give CBD to my dog or cat?

Do you have a dog that will not chill out?  Either it is anxious or perhaps it feels like it needs to back to protect you from every squirrel that enters the yard.  Or has your pet slowed down due to age and its joints are inflamed and aching?

You may have heard of CBD because someone in Boulder has sworn by it and it solved one of their problems.  Or they have been using on their dog.  CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of various chemical composites or cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Colorado was a pioneer in opening the medical marijuana laws and everywhere from Denver to Boulder to Aspen and Telluride are seeing the benefits of using CBD.  With human use rising it is only natural for providers of CBD to make CBD oil products for your pets.

As much as people exercise in Boulder, their pet companion is also getting some serious mileage in too. That means that pets can experience inflammation and joint pain as they get older. The good news is that CBD can help. Human CBD users consume their doses in different ways, but for animals we believe that the CBD oil drop tinctures work the best.


TerraGold Plus: Home of Premium CBD Products in Boulder, CO

At TerraGold Plus, we started our business with the idea in mind to create CBD oil products that help you!  We know that you do so much for the family and sometimes you don’t take time to care for yourself. TerraGold Plus CBD oil is perfect for those who care for everyone in their family and community.

And we all know that your pet is a major part of your family.  The family pet gives themselves wholeheartedly to the family. So, it was a natural fit for TGP to introduce a new product line of CBD oil drops specifically formulated for your pet.  

The TerraGold Plus Paws products come in two sizes containing 250mg or 500mg.  The small to medium breed size is perfect for your pet that weighs below 40 pounds and the medium to large breed size works for animals who weigh more than 40 pounds.  We recommend using the dosing chart below to help you understand how to give CBD to your pet.


TerraGold Plus Paws CBD Dosing Chart


CBD mg / day