As of the writing of this article in April 2019, hemp is not classified as a schedule one drug in the state of Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Service has now proclaimed that hemp is no longer considered a dangerous drug like cocaine or heroin. It’s now legal to buy, sell, grow and use products from hemp in Texas. Which includes CBD oil products that come from the hemp plant!

It totally makes sense to us at TerraGold Plus that Texas would change the classification of hemp plants. Because there’s a big difference between marijuana and hemp. Marijuana has a chemical compound called THC that can make users feel high. Hemp is grown so that it doesn’t contain any THC and people who used hemp-based products will not get that high feeling. Hemp-based CBD users can look forward to all the healing benefits of hemp without worrying about it impairing their normal function in everyday life.


How to Use a Hemp-Based CBD Transdermal Patches

image title of blog "Get Your CBD Transdermal Patch from the Top Provider in San Antonio, TX'Patches are one of the simplest products to use in TerraGold Plus’s line of CBD products. The best place to apply the patch is to your lower back right along your spine. Studies show that your body will absorb the most CBD from that location. Before you apply the patch, you can clean and prep the area, then just peel of the back of the patch and stick it on! That’s all you have to do!

You don’t have to worry about any kind of dosing schedule or following up with more CBD until the patch totally wears off. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the healing benefits for up to 72 hours. When you’re ready to remove the patch just pull it off and throw it away.


Benefits of CBD Patches

We hear from TerraGold Plus customers all the time that they absolutely love the results that they get from using our CBD patches. Check out this Google review from our customer, Erik E. —

As a Triathlete I was dealing with a lot of aches & pains, so I ordered a few of the CBD 25 mg Transdermal patches. I was a bit skeptical since I’ve tried quite a few other types of patches, creams, etc…. Within the first day I started feeling relief which continued for the next day or two when the patch was on. I really believe it helped the inflammation subside & took the edge off of the pain.”

Everyone is different so you’ll have to try for yourself to find out for sure. But we’ve heard from so many people who have these results that we can confidently say that CBD patches may:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Soothe aches and pains
  • Help you preemptively avoid pain flare ups if you use a patch before you go and do an activity that may leave you feeling sore and stiff the next day like running or gardening
  • Provides a steady dose of CBD for up to 72 hours so you don’t have to worry about setting alarms or sticking to a dosing schedule
  • Stay put where you stick them on your body so that you can continue swimming, showerin