Many of our customers are thought provokers or leaders in their digital and actual community.  The TerraGold affiliate program allows you to promote the products by referring your customers to purchase on our website.  By joining our program you will be given a custom referral link that allows you to share it with whomever you feel would benefit from the products.  When a purchase is made YOU get paid 10% of the purchase price.  If they continue to buy, you continue to get paid.  Simple as that! Quick details on the program:  (The juicy stuff will be shown to you once you are registered and inside!)

  • 10% commission on all referred sales
  • Customizable affiliate links
  • Post and content support
  • Product and lifestyle images
  • Social media banners

Please join the TerraGold Plus Affiliate program by filling out the form. If you have a PayPal account please register here with the same email you used for PayPal. This will make it easy to receive your payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account that’s OK you can set up the PayPal Account later. Please make sure that both your PayPal and TerraGold Affiliate emails are the same.

Welcome! We are so glad you are apart of the TerraGold Plus Collective family. This is your affiliate area where you will find all the necessary pieces to make you successful. Please look through this page to find your personal affiliate link to share with EVERYONE you know. You can simply copy and paste your personal code or add generate specific page referrals by copying and pasting specific pages from the TerraGold website into the place provided. Additionally, if you want to add your name, a promotional statement, insightful messages, or simply kind words, plug them into the Campaign section to generate your own personal link. It’s that simple.Before you begin your journey we recommend familiarizing yourself with the affiliate area. Start wit the Instruction for more information on our Creative, Social Media, and Marketing guidelines. Your 10% commission will begin within 30 days of your first sale.

TerraGold is here to help you with any question you may have. Please feel to drop us a line at [email protected] and we can schedule a time for you to speak with one of our sales members.

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