If you are interested in your health or are looking for alternative remedies for chronic pain, anxiety, sleep aids, inflammation, and more, then you have probably come across CBD.  CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. Your body had a natural endocannabinoid system and when you introduce CBD, this system awakens.

Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about the health benefits of CBD. There are more and more companies selling CBD products all the time and that might leave you wondering — which product should I try? Which company can I trust? 

Here are 3 important questions to consider when you’re comparing CBD companies and products…

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy CBD Oil

Question #1: Where is the product sourced?

CBD is naturally found in hemp plants, but it’s important to understand where the hemp plants are grown.  Many companies are finding less expensive hemp plants, hemp oils, and CBD isolate out of this country.  China and Europe have less expensive raw materials that companies can purchase and put into their products.

TerraGold Plus feels we are serving our customers needs best by using domestically grown hemp. All of our products are made from hemp sourced from local Colorado farms using organic practices.  We take great pride in sourcing our raw materials through a collection of family farms that have been in the farming industry for a long time and understand the needs of the plants, to make sure it growing healthy.

Question #2: Are the products lab tested and certified?

So, how do you know the plant is healthy?  That is where lab testing comes in.  Before the plant is extracted into hemp or CBD oil, it is tested for potency, microbial, pesticides, and heavy metals.  The plant will not be used for concentration if it does not pass this initial test. 

The second test is performed after the plant is concentrated into raw hemp oil.  For us to understand how best to formulate our products, it is critical that we know what the potency of CBD is in each batch. We test to ensure we know what levels of CBD and other cannabinoids it contains.  From there we are now ready to use it in a product.

Each product is formulated specifically for its purpose and dose.  We want to make ensure that the dosing and amount of CBD in each product is exactly what we are saying on our label. Each batch has a unique code that tells us when the product was tested and we can share those results with you in our Certificate of Analysis on the website.  No product will ever be sold unless it passes this third and final test.

For example, we produced a batch of our 500mg original hemp oil tinctures and were ready to put it into our finished bottles.  We reviewed the test and noticed a discrepancy with the amount of CBD it contained per serving.  We re-tested the product to ensure we had the right report and decided we had to rerun the batch.  Consistency in healing is one of our company values, so it’s super important to us that the people who use our products receive the proper amount of CBD. 

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy CBD Oil

Question #3: Does the company have a good reputation?

Doing your research will help you choose which CBD brand to buy. TerraGold Plus is driven to provide reliable, consistent, and ethically sourced products to our consumers.  We are creating a platform where we can work with our customers, while listening to them, to better determine the products that would serve them the greatest.  In fact, most of our new customers are referrals from current customers. We are a family-run business that understands the many needs of its customers, as we are also CBD users. 

It has been shown that some CBD products on the market do not actually contain the proper dosage as indicated on their label.  This harmful neglect not only affects the consumer, but puts a blemish on the growing CBD industry as a whole.